5 tips for raising healthy cattle naturally

With the market being saturated with farm raised cattle, many people are now focusing on raising healthy cattle naturally. People have become more cautious about their health now, and they prefer grass-fed meat instead of those from farm raised cattle. Here are some tips for raising healthy cattle naturally.

Choose the calves carefully

You should first find a good supplier of quality animals. It is wise to purchase older feeders or calves that are weaned already. You can find these by visiting farms and local feed mills.

Provide good shelter

You should make sure that the shelter you provide for the cattle is draft free. The shelter shouldn’t be tight. There should be enough room for the moisture from respiration to escape; otherwise, there will be health problems.

The land must be suitable for grazing

You should find out the carrying capacity of your land. You should only keep enough cattle that your pasture can support properly. You should split your pasture to two camps at least. This way you can rotate your herd.

Feeding options

You need to buy feed for your cows. Cattle need lots of nutrients to produce quality meat and milk. You should feed your cows fresh grass. You can also get cattle feed from your local livestock store.

Breeding hack

When you breed cattle, you should keep the cattle in a healthy environment. If mistakes are made before the breeding, then there can be significant problems in the entire process. If you overfeed or underfeed the cows, then the health of the calf may be at risk.

Healthy cattle will give you meat and milk. They will be ideal livestock. Raising cattle naturally is not only a source of clean and healthy food, but also can be a good source of income.

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