We are a family-owned farm located in Albany, OH. We raise the best quality cattle possible and maintain good animal welfare practices. We make environmentally conscious decisions all the time. All the animals in our farm are raised on a natural and all-vegetable diet. We don’t use any artificial hormones to raise our cattle.

We are eager to providing quality service to our customers. We always help them to meet their business needs. With our strong market expertise and logistics capabilities, we can connect to producers nd consumers in the most cost effective and efficient ways possible. We deliver quality products on time always. Integrity is a basic part of our culture. Our business relationships rely on our honesty. We are a financially strong and much disciplined cattle company. We treat our employees well so that they can give their best effort to the company. We provide continuous training to them so that they can work more efficiently. With our strong network, we look forward to growing into a bigger company in future.