5 diseases that occur because of factory farming

Industrial livestock operations are on the rise. These operations confine thousands of farm animals in tightly packed facilities. They are treated harshly in these facilities. They form of raising cattle to give rise to the following diseases.

E. Coli

It is an intestinal pathogen that can infect food in the form of fecal matter. The E.Coli food poisoning occurs from animals. It can invade the bloodstream and cause death.


This bacterium is responsible for difficult-to-treat infections in the body. They are resistant to antibiotics. The pigs are said to carry this pathogen. It is widely present in the pig farms of Canada. Millions of live pigs are sold to the U.S market every year. So, it is prevalent in the U.S now as well. Deaths due to this now even exceed those from HIV or AIDS.

Mad cow disease

Beef cattle are often fed animal byproducts that increase the risk of mad cow disease in humans. It first appeared in the 1980s. Eating animal byproducts, a form of cannibalism causes infectious neurodegenerative diseases in the livestock.


Every year thousands of people fall ill due to salmonella infected eggs. This is a bacterium that is resistant to antibiotics. So, once this bacterium enters the body, it is hard to treat.


Obesity is a major health problem that occurs due to factory farming. Obese people have more risks of diabetes, strokes and heart attacks. The rate of obesity is increasing around the world

The way we choose to treat animals have global health implications. You should avoid eating meats of cattle that are raised in factories to avoid having the above diseases.