What We Do

We raise our cattle in open pastures in Albany, OH. They get a strict diet of vegetables, without any artificial hormones. We never put our animals in confinement and never give them pesticides, antibiotics, and genetically modified organisms. We let our cattle have more time and space to reach their maturity. We have reserved about 1.5 acres of productive pasture for each of our cattle.

We process our market-ready animals with the help of USDA inspected the facility. They take great care in making sure that same humane treatments were given to the cattle throughout their life. Our animals are processed separately, and meat cuts are dry-aged for 21 days to maximize the flavor and tenderness.

Our agricultural programs

Here at SJ Cattle Co, we are committed to involving the youth in the area in our agricultural programs. We offer different agricultural programs to teach the local students and give them a wonderful learning experience about raising cattle. We teach the students about sustainable living and the modern agricultural practices. We offer various farm education programs. Our veterinary facility gives the students the opportunity to learn about science and genetics.

We are very good in the cattle business. We provide a market-based solution to improve the diminishing quality of cattle in many parts of Albany. Our emphasis on sustainable business practices is what stands us apart from the other cattle companies.